About Kiki

Who Am I…

Hey, y’all! So a little bit about me… I am a passionate licensed real estate agent in Columbus, OH. I grew up here but moved to NYC after graduating high school. Between high school and 30 I moved around a bit before moving back to this beautiful state from Charleston, SC. In CHS I opened my own branding and marketing company. Don’t think for a second that branding doesn’t have my heart. Honey, it’s my first career love. BUT… I found a real passion for real estate. The best part is that I have been able to tie all of my passions into one beautiful career. Real estate just so happens to require mad skills in marketing and branding. But clearly my life is so much more than my work. I love my son, gal nights out, travel, family time and of course my causes. That’s what The Wanderlust REALTOR is all about. It’s my latest project. It’s my new journey and I am so glad to finally be home while still exploring the world on adventure at a time with my fav little sidekick, my son. I hope y’all will join me each week on my new adventure called, my wanderlust life!

My Favorite Things

Thought I would share a few of my favorite things with y’all.

Family Time

Family Time

Best moments are with my family. They have been there through it all. #BLESSED



I know its so basic but… I really love pizza. Add a glass of rosé. Oh geez, I’m such a basic bitch.



Exploring is the best kind of learning. I don’t get to travel everyday but I try to find the Wanderlust in every moment.

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