Find The Magic In Your To Do List

To Do lists are supposed to keep life perfectly organized, right… Yeah, okay. Rarely is life ever perfect. So why do we expect our days to be any different. Every night we sit in bed and map out this epically productive day. For me it looks like me picking my top three things to accomplish, I write out my daily must dos, a few should dos and sometimes I even block schedule. Yeah right, I never block schedule. So not my thing. I am sure y’all do something very similar. We do all of this with the naiveté that I will get it all done. But like, let’s be real… We are setting ourselves up to fail. But what if we didn’t have to fail? What if we instead made magic! So maybe the answer to a fabulously perfect day is to write in pencil with a giant eraser and never be afraid to use it to create magic…

So let’s break this down. So it’s the night before your epic day. You’re sitting in bed and you’re creating your to do list. Now, I try to have a small list of 5 items that I make sure I do everyday. Things like… listen to a podcast, practice yoga, one hour prospecting, spend five minutes with God. Things like that. These are things that I know without I will lose my motivation and happiness. I even have a one-page checklist that details out exactly what that one hour of prospecting looks like. I know it seems like over kill but for me it keeps me on track. You need to do some soul searching and figure out what your list of everyday must dos looks like. What do you need to do to keep the happy alive in your life?

The real meat and potatoes of To Dos are your top three. These are the most important daily nuggets that will bring you one step closer to your goals. These goals may be business related but don’t have to be. To get really clear about what my top three goals are I love using Push Journals. They chunk your goals into three month nuggets and they guide you to whatever area of your life needs the most attention. Maybe it is your career or your spiritual well being or maybe its your relationship. You just need to dig deep and go with whatever it is that is holding you back right now. What needs the most attention. Then you can create your goals. Once you have your goals you can create your daily three that will help you to accomplish those goals. But make sure to keep your daily three small and realistic. Keep them attainable. Push Journal has a fantastic step-by-step guidebook and YouTube video to get you goal setting like a champ. And, y’all, this is in no way an ad for Push Journals. I don’t get paid or get free goodies. I just really freaking love them. They really help keep me focused on my goals and encourage me to really dig deep into my life and hone in on the area that needs the most attention.

So you’ve created your personal Honey Do list, if you will, and you’ve had a good night sleep. It’s the next day. You wake up and do what you can but as the sun comes up you realize it is the perfect day to take the family fishing. But you have this list. You have your everyday must dos to be happy, your powerhouse three and of course your extra little errands and nuggets to get done for the day. So it is kind of a long list. But that fishing hole is really calling your name. What do you do? Well, my love, you make room for magic.

First things first, decide what absolutely must, no and ifs or buts, get done today. Be totally honest with yourself. It doesn’t all need done today. Remember some of those things you do to keep happy can be replaced by a moment of magic. So now that you have your tiny list of non-negotiables, it is time to decide which if anything can wait until tonight while you are laying in bed. Now you have a solid list to work with. Before the rest of the fam wakes up you have to hustle your little butt off to get your must do nows done.

Now that those are checked off I want you to take your big eraser and go to town on everything else. You can keep the things you are going to work on late tonight but everything else must go. If you block schedule, erase it all and fill in those blanks with one simple word… MAGIC. Because that is what you are now doing. You are making magic.

As we journey through this life it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle. We get caught in our checklists and To Do lists and our blocks. But think of all the amazing magical moments we miss out on when we focus only on our lists and blocks. The point is… it is perfectly okay to chuck it all and spend a day fishing or watching the clouds roll by. Those magical moments are what keep life special. So seek the magic and go live it. Your To Do list can wait.

What Did You DO To Make Money Today

I don’t know about y’all but lately I have really been thinking about my finances or lack there of. Unlike many Americans facing the economic fallout, I have a career that truly is dependent upon me. Sure, about 90% of my clients have put the breaks on their real estate dreams. So, yes, I am feeling the pinch. However, my income is completely dependent upon one thing… Me. And one question I am forced to ask myself daily. This is a question I think many around the world need to ask as well. What did I do to make money today?

For many of us this has always been part of ourvdaily focus. Without it we can’t feed our families. I can’t grow professionally. To be totally honest, we fail. So everyday we ask what we did to make money today. However, right now, this isn’t super simple. You may not be working at the moment. Maybe you are working but there your company won’t be giving cost of living raises, promotions or any other kind of money increases that many need to thrive. But none of those options means you can’t continue to make money or more money. So let’s go through a few ways we ALL can make money.

A simple yet not to so simple way is to become a social media influencer. This is actually the perfect time to become an influencer. Marketing companies are moving away from the high-powered influencers with millions of followers and focusing on smaller influencers with a small collection of super fans. They want to see profiles that provide value to their community and are trusted advisors, so to speak. I have under 10k followers on Instagram. In fact, I began getting brands to ask me to sponsor items after gaining just 5k followers. A good friend of mine barely has a thousand followers and she gets paid to sponsor products. If this is an avenue you find interesting and you want to start having IG making you money… DM me and I will give you my secrets. But to start you need to have something to say. Trust me, you have something to say. So get on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok or whatever your favorite social media channel is and say something. Anything. Just be you, share and add value.

Let’s talk about the self-employed. You need to keep working on your business. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to work on all of those projects that you never seem to have time to do. Now you probably have a lot more time to do them… Case point, I am blogging again. And yes, one day this will hopefully make me money. But just like Instagram I have to build a following and say something. So here I am, saying something. What project will you begin? Will you start a blog or create a newsletter? Have a CRM that needs cleaned up? This is a fantastic moment to create a stellar system that fits your work style to manage all of those contacts. Or maybe just start calling each and every contact you have to check in. More than likely your employment will come up and you can casually remind them of what you do. What a great way to connect with your sphere and potential clients. The point of all of these ideas is to inspire you to get creative. Think of as many ways as you can to make money today.

You have to get creative no matter what your career. If you are employed by a company and have been laid off due to COVID-19 you too can still do something to make money everyday. Call your employer and see what you can do today to help the company. Sure, you’ve been laid off and maybe they can’t pay you to help but if you can find a way to provide value to them during this time you can guarantee you will have a job to go back to. Don’t be a fool and think that your job will 100% be given to you once the world goes back to work. Many companies will be hit hard and will continue to feel the pinch long after work resumes. So many people will not have a job to go back to. So make yourself valuable.  Offer to help with social media, sending out a weekly or daily company email newsletter to keep morale up or maybe it is calling every employee to make sure everyone is okay. Every employer has a need right now. Find the solution and be the solution.

In this time it is important to remember that you have to make money. Eventually this cloud will lift and where will you be? What will you be left with? Now it is your mission to be exactly or at least close-ish to where you want to be. You could spend the next month or two or whatever time we have in this temporary normal and watch Tiger King. OR… you could do something. Do something everyday that will make you money.

My Dream Choice Moment


Life is full of choices. Cute… Very original, right? But it’s true! We all come to that moment in life when we have a choice… Our dream choice moment. We either keep going the way we are OR we take life by the horns and go for the ride of our dream life. We make the choice to live our dreams fully. A few weeks ago I came face to face with my moment.

I had taken a week to watch the little man. So I had lots of time (well as much as a stay-at-home mama can have) to reflect on the trajectory and direction of my life. I started reading Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuck and just enjoying every moment I could with my heart and soul, my son. At first I really let myself not get bogged down with work. I tried to really recharge and unplug as much as I could. I played and read. It was wonderful….

Well, until I started really getting into the book and really started to soak up each second with Little D. That’s when it hit me… If I want more if these moments and more of these feelings then I HAVE to make a change. This was my dream choice moment! Sure, I have been fairly successful in my career thus far… But I started to imagine how my career and life will change if I simply put in a little more effort.

So I did it. I I made the dream choice and started living like I want to be alive! I wake up earlier. I make my mornings about me with yoga and meditation. I am making a greater commitment to my business. There are things I KNOW I have to do each and everyday to be the success I have dreamed for myself.

Let’s be real… Sure it sounds like buttercups and unicorns but SHIT! It is tough. There are days I don’t want to do jack-shit. Sometimes I get inside my head and don’t want to make calls to future clients. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is stay up late working on the little things it takes to grow my business. But guess what… I HAVE to do this. If I want to reach my goals and dreams then I better do all the little things I don’t want to do.

And I have to tell you… YES, at the end of the day I am freaking exhausted. I have basically been falling asleep every night with my glasses on my face, laptop on my lap and a pen in hand… which I would not recommend. BUT… I feel more connected than EVER! It’s been amazing. No matter what I am doing I am fully engaged. All because I no longer feel like I am not doing enough. I know I am!

When that choice comes you can stay the course your on or you can grab the challenge life has thrown at you and go for gold. It’s up to us. But if we don’t go for it, balls to the wall, then we will never reach our fullest potential. Have faith. Take chances. No regrets. Our dreams are waiting for us… We just have to open the door.

Trust Your Progress

There are things in my life, professionally and personally that I simply don’t want to do. I’m not good at them, they scare me. Whatever the reason, I do everything to avoid them… Until I can’t avoid them anymore and I just have to do them.

This week I am in Charleston, SC for a conference. I love conferences because I love to travel and I love to learn. I always leave feeling empowered and invincible after an inspiring Boss conference. But there is one part I hate with a passion… Networking. Seriously. No one ever believes me when I say that I have serious social anxiety. Well, I used to.

A few years ago I was getting ready to go into a mixer. Nothing crazy but I was by myself and I didn’t know if I would know anyone at the party. So I am out in the parking lot, my Lyft had just dropped me off and I was about to go inside when I started to shake, and sweat. And when I say sweat I mean like a pig. Those nasty stress sweats that doesn’t stop… Yeah, that shit. So I called my mom, my rock, to tell her I was going home. I just didn’t think I could walk into that room and face all those people. Talking to anyone wasn’t even on my radar. Just having them look at me was too much. I was so scared that they would judge me and see just how insecure I was as a professional. Even though I was running my own company, I felt like a phony. Well this train of thought lead to tears. So now I was stinky and splotchy. Great combo when meeting new people.

When my mom answered the phone do you know what she said? She said, “You have to do this. So suck it up and get in there.” Damn, mom. That was harsh. But she was absolutely right. I had to go in there. My business was built on word of mouth… I had to get to know my professional community and connect with them so that they would refer me to others or use my services for their own businesses.

I eventually did go in and had an okay time. But what it did was start a ripple effect of changing my mindset. I began forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone and did what I knew needed to be done. My mindset was to shift to tough love.

You need this.

You have to do this for your survival.

Suck it up. This won’t kill you.

So this week I forced myself again. I went to a conference all by myself. I did my best to chat with people and connect. It’s not what I wanted to do… At All! I really just wanted the knowledge and the free food. But I knew that I had to make connections. Real estate is still a business. I still have a need for clients and one great way to get clients is to connect with other industry leaders outside of my community or state. It would have been so much easier to get in my car drive to my friends, cozy up in my sweats and drink some wine.

But I didn’t. I went to the after party. To keep me from leaving I had a glass of wine. I knew it would be a few hours before I could drive so that was step one. Then I would tell myself I couldn’t leave until I tried all the food being served at the different stations. Finally I wasn’t allowed to leave until I stopped at each booth and asked questions about whatever was there. This really helped. Breaking it down into small tasks took my mind off of my fears and made the time go quickly. Before I knew it I had been there for almost 4 hours and had gotten about a dozen business cards and spoke to almost 20 people! I freaking did it….of course after I did all my tasks I jetted out of there as fast as possible and didn’t make eye contact with anyone…. I’m still a work in progress.

We are all a work in progress. It takes time sometimes years to build your confidence to do whatever it is your trying to do. But it will come. Just keep trying.

You have to progress. Don’t settle to be stagnate. Get up and do one thing everyday that scares you. For me, it’s social interacting. It’s still a struggle to get me to network. I still hate it BUT… I don’t sweat so much anymore and I no longer cry. Winning! I know I can do this. Why? Because I survived the first time… and the time after that… and after that.

You will be okay. You just have to trust your progress.



Dodging The BS Bat


Ever feel like you can’t catch a break? Like the BS is constantly coming at you? Sometimes the BS hits so hard that you just want to hide away. Some days you just can’t adult. That has been my life of late.

The past few weeks haven’t been so kind to me. I was sick one week with a high fever for 5 days. I was able to force myself to do a little work, mostly just answering clients questions. Then last week I was back at it. I was on the move at my full 150% Kicking butt and taking names… Then Little D got sick. So that set me back, again. I don’t know how mom’s work-from-home when the littles are there… I mean seriously. Superheroes! Fast-forward to this week… I’m sick again. Welcome to another week of just getting the minimum done. Ugh. Are you sh*tin’ me Universe?!

Plus I am freaking out a bit. As a real estate agent, I am heading into a super crazy time. Spring is the busiest time of year for us Columbus agents. There are already a crap ton of buyers out there but now we get even more looking for their dream home… plus you get an uptick of homes available. Which is great! This is what I dream of. I get to help even more people follow their dreams. Woot!! BUUTTT…. This little agent can’t seem to get her feet under her to start running. I’m trying but I keep getting knocked over with some kind of BS bat.

See that’s the thing… the BS Bat is ALWAYS there. It lurks in corners and just when you finally stand up and start to jog it comes out swinging. And take my word; it won’t stop until you’re down. So the trick is to figure out how to dodge the blows.

It’s one thing to get hit by the blows but it’s another thing to get knocked down. I won’t lie… I don’t have all the answers. How you stay on your feet is something you have to figure out. We are all different and deal with the BS bat differently. For me, I just have to remind myself that I have to keep going. I have to move forward. I can’t give up. Pure will power is how I get through blows from the BS bat.

But possibly the most important thing I have to remind myself is that I am enough. I am doing more than I give myself credit for. Maybe it is just the bare minimum but it’s something. I have to give myself a break and recognize that sometimes in life I can’t go 150% Sometimes I can only go 80% or maybe just 50% Whatever effort I can give is all I can give. That’s okay. As long as I do my best I’m doing okay.

The BS bat doesn’t quit. It doesn’t take a break. There will always be some BS you have to deal with in life. You just have to keep moving forward… even if it only take one step a day. One step is still one step closer than you was before.

You Are Killin’ It

Last year I started a new career in real estate. When I started I really hit the ground running. I was killin’ it! I sold my first home just a month after getting my license. Hell yeah! I was hustlin’ and kicking ass. It felt so good to be on a path of success. Do you ever feel like the queen of the world? Like you’re a trailblazer on fire… I felt like I was going to conquer the world one dream at a time. Then about a month ago I hit a wall. Not a monumental wall or anything, just a slump in my mood and motivation. I was still working, calling clients and building my brand, but I wasn’t hustling anymore. I was simply doing what I needed to do to get by. Then drama hit me with a paddle. It seemed to knock me back and slow down my work vibe even more. I felt like I was standing still in time. Paralyzed.

See, I found out my ex, Little D’s dad, was in jail… Which is a whole lotta crazy for another day. This was something that really shook me to my core. Look, I get that this happens to so many people out there. Maybe you know someone who went to jail. Maybe you went to jail and you came out a better, wiser person. But, I didn’t grow up in a world knowing people who went to jail. This is the first person I have ever truly known to go to jail. I felt sad for him and the life he can’t seem to live. Mostly, I felt defeated as a mother. My son will now have to grow up in a world where his father isn’t a stand up guy. He’s a convict. Not the life I had envisioned for my son. It’s bad enough that this man is already not in his life because of his bad choices but now this?! But I guess that’s life. It’s never perfect but we learn to live with what we have.

After weeks of guilt, sadness and confusion I started to realize that while I can’t prevent all the bad things from happening in my son’s life, I can raise him to bob with the punches. It’s funny how my little man, who doesn’t even speak… other than babbles, teaches me how to live and lifts me up when I am down.

Little D helped me remember the kind of mother and woman I want to be. The kind of woman who is fearless and keeps going no matter what life throws at her. I want to show my son that if you work hard good things and success will come your way. That, we are not defined by the people who may or may not be in our life. We are defined by our actions, by the love we spread throughout the world. We are a success just by moving forward.

I think I had forgotten all of that. I wasn’t acknowledging all that I had and am accomplishing. I am doing it, though… or like my friends at Carleton Realty like to say, “You’re killin’ it, Kiki.” You know what… I am freaking killin’ it!

And so are you. Give yourself a break. You are doing a beautiful job at whatever it is you are doing. Just keep moving forward. Even if it is one small step at a time. It’s a step. You’re moving down the path of success. Keep going. You can and you will do this. You are strong. You are killin’ it. You are a warrior.