Dodging The BS Bat


Ever feel like you can’t catch a break? Like the BS is constantly coming at you? Sometimes the BS hits so hard that you just want to hide away. Some days you just can’t adult. That has been my life of late.

The past few weeks haven’t been so kind to me. I was sick one week with a high fever for 5 days. I was able to force myself to do a little work, mostly just answering clients questions. Then last week I was back at it. I was on the move at my full 150% Kicking butt and taking names… Then Little D got sick. So that set me back, again. I don’t know how mom’s work-from-home when the littles are there… I mean seriously. Superheroes! Fast-forward to this week… I’m sick again. Welcome to another week of just getting the minimum done. Ugh. Are you sh*tin’ me Universe?!

Plus I am freaking out a bit. As a real estate agent, I am heading into a super crazy time. Spring is the busiest time of year for us Columbus agents. There are already a crap ton of buyers out there but now we get even more looking for their dream home… plus you get an uptick of homes available. Which is great! This is what I dream of. I get to help even more people follow their dreams. Woot!! BUUTTT…. This little agent can’t seem to get her feet under her to start running. I’m trying but I keep getting knocked over with some kind of BS bat.

See that’s the thing… the BS Bat is ALWAYS there. It lurks in corners and just when you finally stand up and start to jog it comes out swinging. And take my word; it won’t stop until you’re down. So the trick is to figure out how to dodge the blows.

It’s one thing to get hit by the blows but it’s another thing to get knocked down. I won’t lie… I don’t have all the answers. How you stay on your feet is something you have to figure out. We are all different and deal with the BS bat differently. For me, I just have to remind myself that I have to keep going. I have to move forward. I can’t give up. Pure will power is how I get through blows from the BS bat.

But possibly the most important thing I have to remind myself is that I am enough. I am doing more than I give myself credit for. Maybe it is just the bare minimum but it’s something. I have to give myself a break and recognize that sometimes in life I can’t go 150% Sometimes I can only go 80% or maybe just 50% Whatever effort I can give is all I can give. That’s okay. As long as I do my best I’m doing okay.

The BS bat doesn’t quit. It doesn’t take a break. There will always be some BS you have to deal with in life. You just have to keep moving forward… even if it only take one step a day. One step is still one step closer than you was before.

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