You Are Killin’ It

Last year I started a new career in real estate. When I started I really hit the ground running. I was killin’ it! I sold my first home just a month after getting my license. Hell yeah! I was hustlin’ and kicking ass. It felt so good to be on a path of success. Do you ever feel like the queen of the world? Like you’re a trailblazer on fire… I felt like I was going to conquer the world one dream at a time. Then about a month ago I hit a wall. Not a monumental wall or anything, just a slump in my mood and motivation. I was still working, calling clients and building my brand, but I wasn’t hustling anymore. I was simply doing what I needed to do to get by. Then drama hit me with a paddle. It seemed to knock me back and slow down my work vibe even more. I felt like I was standing still in time. Paralyzed.

See, I found out my ex, Little D’s dad, was in jail… Which is a whole lotta crazy for another day. This was something that really shook me to my core. Look, I get that this happens to so many people out there. Maybe you know someone who went to jail. Maybe you went to jail and you came out a better, wiser person. But, I didn’t grow up in a world knowing people who went to jail. This is the first person I have ever truly known to go to jail. I felt sad for him and the life he can’t seem to live. Mostly, I felt defeated as a mother. My son will now have to grow up in a world where his father isn’t a stand up guy. He’s a convict. Not the life I had envisioned for my son. It’s bad enough that this man is already not in his life because of his bad choices but now this?! But I guess that’s life. It’s never perfect but we learn to live with what we have.

After weeks of guilt, sadness and confusion I started to realize that while I can’t prevent all the bad things from happening in my son’s life, I can raise him to bob with the punches. It’s funny how my little man, who doesn’t even speak… other than babbles, teaches me how to live and lifts me up when I am down.

Little D helped me remember the kind of mother and woman I want to be. The kind of woman who is fearless and keeps going no matter what life throws at her. I want to show my son that if you work hard good things and success will come your way. That, we are not defined by the people who may or may not be in our life. We are defined by our actions, by the love we spread throughout the world. We are a success just by moving forward.

I think I had forgotten all of that. I wasn’t acknowledging all that I had and am accomplishing. I am doing it, though… or like my friends at Carleton Realty like to say, “You’re killin’ it, Kiki.” You know what… I am freaking killin’ it!

And so are you. Give yourself a break. You are doing a beautiful job at whatever it is you are doing. Just keep moving forward. Even if it is one small step at a time. It’s a step. You’re moving down the path of success. Keep going. You can and you will do this. You are strong. You are killin’ it. You are a warrior.


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