My Dream Choice Moment


Life is full of choices. Cute… Very original, right? But it’s true! We all come to that moment in life when we have a choice… Our dream choice moment. We either keep going the way we are OR we take life by the horns and go for the ride of our dream life. We make the choice to live our dreams fully. A few weeks ago I came face to face with my moment.

I had taken a week to watch the little man. So I had lots of time (well as much as a stay-at-home mama can have) to reflect on the trajectory and direction of my life. I started reading Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuck and just enjoying every moment I could with my heart and soul, my son. At first I really let myself not get bogged down with work. I tried to really recharge and unplug as much as I could. I played and read. It was wonderful….

Well, until I started really getting into the book and really started to soak up each second with Little D. That’s when it hit me… If I want more if these moments and more of these feelings then I HAVE to make a change. This was my dream choice moment! Sure, I have been fairly successful in my career thus far… But I started to imagine how my career and life will change if I simply put in a little more effort.

So I did it. I I made the dream choice and started living like I want to be alive! I wake up earlier. I make my mornings about me with yoga and meditation. I am making a greater commitment to my business. There are things I KNOW I have to do each and everyday to be the success I have dreamed for myself.

Let’s be real… Sure it sounds like buttercups and unicorns but SHIT! It is tough. There are days I don’t want to do jack-shit. Sometimes I get inside my head and don’t want to make calls to future clients. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is stay up late working on the little things it takes to grow my business. But guess what… I HAVE to do this. If I want to reach my goals and dreams then I better do all the little things I don’t want to do.

And I have to tell you… YES, at the end of the day I am freaking exhausted. I have basically been falling asleep every night with my glasses on my face, laptop on my lap and a pen in hand… which I would not recommend. BUT… I feel more connected than EVER! It’s been amazing. No matter what I am doing I am fully engaged. All because I no longer feel like I am not doing enough. I know I am!

When that choice comes you can stay the course your on or you can grab the challenge life has thrown at you and go for gold. It’s up to us. But if we don’t go for it, balls to the wall, then we will never reach our fullest potential. Have faith. Take chances. No regrets. Our dreams are waiting for us… We just have to open the door.

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