July 2019 – Heath

Kiki is honestly the kindest, most involved, caring, and driven person! She was patient, and knowledgeable. She provided amazing advice, stellar service, and always went way above and beyond any expectation we had. She always had Rockstar energy, and great enthusiasm,She was our realtor. She sold our family our DREAM home. She worked hard for us. She celebrated with us. Honestly, we could never have dreamed of a better Realtor; whom has now become a cherished and amazing friend! – Kristin B

August 2018 – Worthington

WOW, where do I even begin? I relocated to Columbus, and we were looking for a house to make Ohio a home. After searching for a realtor we clicked with, I stumbled across Kiki on Instagram. Talk about a LIFE.CHANGING moment. That may sound cliche, but Kiki is not just a realtor. She goes ABOVE and beyond to make your experience, one of a lifetime.
She casted the vision of what the house could be, she always had our best interest in heart, she was always driven by our wants and dreams (no matter how many times we called her LOL).
Needless to say, because of Kiki we are currently in the process of moving into our dream home, hassle free. She put a priority on making this experience exciting & fun, and not stressful in anyway! She is tough as nails & as sweet as they can get. Kiki will ALWAYS have a place in our lives, not just as a realtor but she is an incredible human who we are HONORED to now be friends with. So, if you are looking to buy, sell, or build, Kiki is your girl! – Lily M