Selling your Haunted House

Selling your home can already be a spooky process… Now add some real haunts and spooks. What do you have to do when there are Boo-worthy features floating around in your home.

  1. You think your home is Haunted… Spooky! Maybe you had the modern day Ghost Busters come give your Haunted House a once over and low an behold they found some spirits lurking about. Maybe you aren’t for certain but you think that maybe there are some ghosts floating through the halls. To some this might seem like a joke but to some it is serious business. Contact your REALTORĀ® to help guide you through the local Dos and Don’ts. Some place will require you to disclose a possible haunting. Others don’t really care. Marketing your haunted home as a Home Scream Home could actually make your home more valuable! So know the local scene.
  2. Someone passed away in your home. This one is again a bit of a grey area. Every local market has their own standard for disclosing deaths in a home or on the property. But if someone asks…. TELL THE TRUTH!
  3. Redrum…Redrum…Redrum! Now murder is an absolute must disclose. It’s public record so there is no reason to hid the truth. Especially since this is an issue that many consumers consider a deal breaker. If it matter to the masses… Disclose It!

When in doubt ask your agent. Every location has different requirements for what you need to disclose. Talk to a professional to keep yourself out of any spooky situation.

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