What Did You DO To Make Money Today

I don’t know about y’all but lately I have really been thinking about my finances or lack there of. Unlike many Americans facing the economic fallout, I have a career that truly is dependent upon me. Sure, about 90% of my clients have put the breaks on their real estate dreams. So, yes, I am feeling the pinch. However, my income is completely dependent upon one thing… Me. And one question I am forced to ask myself daily. This is a question I think many around the world need to ask as well. What did I do to make money today?

For many of us this has always been part of ourvdaily focus. Without it we can’t feed our families. I can’t grow professionally. To be totally honest, we fail. So everyday we ask what we did to make money today. However, right now, this isn’t super simple. You may not be working at the moment. Maybe you are working but there your company won’t be giving cost of living raises, promotions or any other kind of money increases that many need to thrive. But none of those options means you can’t continue to make money or more money. So let’s go through a few ways we ALL can make money.

A simple yet not to so simple way is to become a social media influencer. This is actually the perfect time to become an influencer. Marketing companies are moving away from the high-powered influencers with millions of followers and focusing on smaller influencers with a small collection of super fans. They want to see profiles that provide value to their community and are trusted advisors, so to speak. I have under 10k followers on Instagram. In fact, I began getting brands to ask me to sponsor items after gaining just 5k followers. A good friend of mine barely has a thousand followers and she gets paid to sponsor products. If this is an avenue you find interesting and you want to start having IG making you money… DM me and I will give you my secrets. But to start you need to have something to say. Trust me, you have something to say. So get on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok or whatever your favorite social media channel is and say something. Anything. Just be you, share and add value.

Let’s talk about the self-employed. You need to keep working on your business. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to work on all of those projects that you never seem to have time to do. Now you probably have a lot more time to do them… Case point, I am blogging again. And yes, one day this will hopefully make me money. But just like Instagram I have to build a following and say something. So here I am, saying something. What project will you begin? Will you start a blog or create a newsletter? Have a CRM that needs cleaned up? This is a fantastic moment to create a stellar system that fits your work style to manage all of those contacts. Or maybe just start calling each and every contact you have to check in. More than likely your employment will come up and you can casually remind them of what you do. What a great way to connect with your sphere and potential clients. The point of all of these ideas is to inspire you to get creative. Think of as many ways as you can to make money today.

You have to get creative no matter what your career. If you are employed by a company and have been laid off due to COVID-19 you too can still do something to make money everyday. Call your employer and see what you can do today to help the company. Sure, you’ve been laid off and maybe they can’t pay you to help but if you can find a way to provide value to them during this time you can guarantee you will have a job to go back to. Don’t be a fool and think that your job will 100% be given to you once the world goes back to work. Many companies will be hit hard and will continue to feel the pinch long after work resumes. So many people will not have a job to go back to. So make yourself valuable.  Offer to help with social media, sending out a weekly or daily company email newsletter to keep morale up or maybe it is calling every employee to make sure everyone is okay. Every employer has a need right now. Find the solution and be the solution.

In this time it is important to remember that you have to make money. Eventually this cloud will lift and where will you be? What will you be left with? Now it is your mission to be exactly or at least close-ish to where you want to be. You could spend the next month or two or whatever time we have in this temporary normal and watch Tiger King. OR… you could do something. Do something everyday that will make you money.